Housekeeper can work for families, couples or individuals who need help with household duties such as general housekeeping, ironing, shopping etc.

Housekeeper / cook will do general housekeeping duties as well as cooking.

Domestic couple can provide entire household help. Their duties can include housekeeping, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking, gardening, driving, general house maintenance and childcare.

Private cook/chef is able to prepare, cook and present meals for the family, couple or individual. They can be responsible for planning menu, food shopping and to keep the kitchen clean. They may cook for the household and also for guests, parties etc.

Private driver can offer driving the family, couple or individual as well as running errands. They can assist with school run, valeting and car maintenance.

Gardener will be responsible for all gardening duties. They can also look after swimming pool and help with general work around the house.

Personal assistant (PA) will be responsible for administrative duties such as managing diary, appointments, booking travel/holidays, handling invoices and bills as well as running errands and organising events/parties. They will make sure the household is running smoothly.