Nanny is a qualified and experienced childcarer with the experience and skills to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment for your child. The nanny looks after the child(ren) and ensures that all their emotional & physical needs are met whilst they are in their care. Nannies are able to have a sole charge but also work alongside a parent. They can be daily or live in and work up to 12 hours a day if full time.

Nanny/Housekeeper is an experienced nanny who combines household management with childcare. This role usually works best with children of school age. The duties can include family washing, ironing, shopping and general cleaning. The nanny takes care of the household duties prior to collecting the children from school. This can be a daily or live in position.

Mother’s Help may work well for parents who work from home or parents who work part-time and want housework and childcare combined. Mother’s Help is very popular with mothers who just need an extra pair of hands. A Mother’s Help is usually not a qualified person. They can be daily or live in and work the same hours as nannies.

Maternity nanny is an experienced or trained nanny in caring of new born babies. The maternity nanny is able to take care of new born baby, support the mother with feeding patterns, sleeping routine and other baby care. The maternity nanny usually stays with the family up to 8 weeks after the birth of the baby.

Night nanny is great option for families who need support with their baby at night so they can have a restful night.

Babysitter come to your home to look after your children usually in the evening/night when you are out.